2017 Guatemala Mission

For the past eight years, Avalon North Wolverine’s Search & Rescue members have been providing funds to Juana and her family with the necessities to succeed and strive in Guatemala.

Juana, she lives in Guatemala and is turning 13 years old this year. She is the youngest of four siblings, her father passed away and left her mother as sole caregiver and income earner for the family. She works two jobs just to keep the family going.

Avalon North Wolverine’s have provided the funds so that Juana receives an education, clothing, food for her family and special treats at Christmas time. They are extremely grateful for our support and in Juana’s mother’s words “We are an angel from God placed in their lives.” Juana and her family now have the driving desire to succeed in life and prosper according to Gods will.

Avalon North Wolverines Search & Rescue member’s set-up a committee to head over to Guatemala couple years ago. The Search & Rescue members not only going to meet Juana & her family, they are going build houses for families in the area as well.

Members of the Guatemala Committee have secured enough funds and supplies to help feed an entire community of people who live in a local dump. Few of the supplies going like, enough food for a month, clothing (children), household items, blankets, children’s toys, hygiene items, items such as buckles and hair pins.

Just in a couple of short weeks, they will be traveling to Guatemala to visit our sponsor child & Family. Please stay tuned for more information on there Guatemala Mission


Thank-you to all the Sponsors, Donations & Services to make this

Guatemala Mission impossible!