Designation of Warming Center


Designation of Warming Center

BAY ROBERT’S, March 11, 2017

2:30 PM (14:30)

Our facility has been designated as a “warming center” for those who need temporary relief from extremely cold temperatures or power outages from extreme weather conditions to stay warm and safe.

Avalon North Wolverines Search & Rescue will have the warming center set-up and we are located at 12 Station Road (turn at the intersection of Crossroads and Station Road- across from Catherine’s Dance Studio) telephone: (709) 786-5444.

Updates during extreme weather conditions & the warming center will be posted on the Avalon North Wolverines Search & Rescue Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In addition, all residents are encouraged to check on elderly neighbors and family members to ensure they are safe and as comfortable as possible.

If anyone’s needs urgent medical treatment, contact 911 immediately.

Avalon North Wolverines Search & Rescue


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